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            Yan Tai development zone Blue Whale Maintenance Welding Co., Ltd. (short for Blue Whale Company as follows) established in 1999, is a high-tech enterprises, located in Yantai Pioneer Park which is a place for overseas students to start business by themselves. The company is armed with modern workshops and various advanced welding equipments. It is a comprehensive metal repair manufacturing company centering on exploration, manufacturing as well as marketing. Company insists on the managing conception of “invalid for efficient, decayed for magical” For the past decades, the company has been focusing on the innovations on the basis of absorption and digestion of foreign advanced maintenance welding technology. Until now, company has been equipped with advanced equipments, techniques and materials imported. We have been providing timely and efficient service for domestic customers involving in metallurgic, machinery, chemical engineering, cement, electricity and so on. And company has been supplying solutions for the problems of the repairing and reuse for a lot of high-value metallurgical spare parts and other sophisticated equipments. It has contributed to repairing and reuse, lowering production cost, reducing downtime, and improving economic efficiency for many steel mills. And company has been highly praised by old and new customers. Company has been awarded the honor of “advance unit” for many times by Yantai Pioneer Park in development zone. Recent years, the products and service have been constantly improved so that company has set up excellent image in metallurgy industry at home and abroad. 


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